"Common sense to an uncommon degree,
is what the world calls wisdom"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

In 50 years, St. Lawrence College has grown from a handful of students embarking on a bold new experiment in post-secondary education, to a community force – with 10,000 students and 88,000 alumni.

We are not any Community College. We are OUR Community’s College.

Uncommon is the biggest, most ambitious campaign in our history. It sets the table for growth and innovation in our teaching and learning, enhances student life, and, as always, promotes collaboration with our communities.

Our students are not numbers
Our impact is not ordinary
Our commitment is Uncommon

Students First: Uncommon Potential

Uncommon Possibilities:

Kara dropped out of high school, but after a series of dead-end jobs, she started to feel she wasn’t fulfilling her potential. She finished high...

Uncommon Learning:

Jeremy is in his second year of Behavioural Science Technology. After transferring from a prestigious GTA university, and rejecting an offer from an...

Uncommon Commitment:

Miraam quickly found his home at SLC, and that sense of belonging became all the more important when cancer interrupted his studies. When he returned...

Uncommon Investment

Our Campaign Priorities

  • A history of leading edge learning comes together in a groundbreaking research centre

  • A place to collaborate and create in a student-centred hub

  • Preparing future health professionals for patient-centred care

  • Ensuring the Community’s College is accessible for all members of the community

  • Career-ready graduates will learn on leading edge equipment & technology

On October 27, 2016, St. Lawrence College received the largest philanthropic gift in its history. Philanthropist and businessman Brit Smith announced that the Britton Smith Foundation would give $3 million to the Uncommon Campaign.

A lifelong Kingstonian, even Mr. Smith was quick to admit he was surprised to learn about the impact the College had on the community, marveling that it’s hard not to meet a grad of SLC in the course of working and living in Kingston. Find out more in our video interview . . .